Technical Information

Metallzing is not a single technology but, gives substantial value to every new materials by integrating the various technologies. Deeping and expanding of metallizing knows no boundaries.

Research and Development

We are proceeding the multiangular research and development activity such the evaluation of plating for new materials and joint development with chemical manufacturer.

Mold and resin molding technology

Cutting-edge system was introduced for mold design and manufacturing which determines the quality. Resin molding technology is also being high accuracy further more.

Resin plating technology

To expanding the possibility of design of decorative plating technology and functionality weight saving and durability for automobile is our theme.

Metal plating technology

Enhancement of the metal parts quality such weight saving, corrosion resistance, heat resistance were succeeded. Environment countermeasure like hexavalent chromium free is also unflawed.

Color sample request form

Color tone variation to be multicolored from year to year. 20 kinds of color samples are available for decorative plating.