About Us

Metallizing as key technology, Kakihara industries co., ltd adding the function to every materials and providing the new value.

Business overview

As first runner of the industry, Kakihara industries co., ltd pursuit the feasibility of metallizing. Here is our business introduction and characteristics.

Brand & Vision

To aim the top of the global niche. We will continuously improve the metallizing technology and provide the peerless things.

Approach to CSR

Proclamation for corporate social responsibilities such quality, environment, safety, labor and symbiosis with local community which supposed to accomplish.

Corporate profile

Introduction for our head office located in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima prefecture and factory in Thailand as Asian hub.


Here is our introduction for footprint went through to make an epoch as a leading company of the industry.


Be a challenger to pave the way with fertile imagination! Let’s create new technology and new value together.

Global recruitment

Siam Kakihara Co., Ltd is accepting job application from applicants who has frontier sprit with growth willingness.