Value to be added on various kinds of
new materials by metallizing.

Advantage of Kakihara Industries Co., Ltd

About Products

Connected car which connected by 5G as known for leading character such autonomous car and electric vehicle in the automotive industry. To correspond to the revolution, we are tackling to the further weight saving of automotive parts, compatible with sensor, reducing the cost and creation of new function.

About Decoration Technology

Without losing the efficiency such an excellent corrosion resistance as ever, decoration plating pursuits the design. Metallic color tone with depth represent the high grade sense for automotive interior/exterior. We pursuit a genuine texture and continue expanding the colorful variation.

Automotive resin plating parts

Variety of materials and new materials such ABS, PC/ABS, impact absorption PP can be corresponded. Variety of color tones to represent high grade sense are also available.

Quality control

Providing the world class quality assurance with the various inspection equipment and own strict quality standard. Established the thoroughly prepared quality control system.

Brand & Vision

To aim the top of the global niche. We will continuously improve the metallizing technology and provide the peerless things.

Approach to CSR

Proclamation for corporate social responsibilities such quality, environment, safety, labor and symbiosis with local community which supposed to accomplish.


Be a challenger to pave the way with fertile imagination! Let’s create new technology and new value together.